Project Description

The Cobb County Department of Transportation is conducting a short-term plan for CobbLinc to meet future transportation needs for residents, workers, and businesses. The County is projected to continue to grow significantly, making meaningful mobility options for Cobb County residents and employers a short- and long-term priority. A detailed evaluation of the structure and delivery of CobbLinc services will be conducted. The process will result in a strategic approach for future services.

Goals of the process include:

· Improving reliability of service and on-time performance

· Increasing ridership

· Improving mobility for transportation disadvantaged populations

· Evaluating transfer opportunities

· Ensuring efficient and effective use of resources

Cobb County is committed to ensuring public outreach is extended to all of its stakeholders. A robust, multi-phased public outreach process will be conducted during this process. The public will be engaged in defining goals and access needs through a variety of techniques. Outreach will include public meetings, onboard and online surveys, social media postings, participation in local events and meetings and the ability to provide feedback at anytime through the dedicated e-mail address linked from this website.


Stay Informed

This web site will provide opportunities for the public to learn about the project . Information, events, updates, maps, surveys, and public involvement opportunities will be continually posted to this project website.  Bookmark this site and check back frequently!